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Chuck Caputo, Magician

My name is Chuck Caputo, I am a professional Magician from Pittsburgh, Pa. I have always been interested in the side show, I love strange things and when I finally saw the movie Freaks I was obsessed, I love this movie. Throughout my over thirty year career as a professional Magician I have adapted spook and unusual magic effects into my act, many of the effects are built by myself. Attached is a very recent clip of a live performance of myself performing fifteen minutes of spooky magic in a house of oddities in Pittsburgh, Pa. You will see some amazing and mind blowing magical experiments in this video – gooble gobble!

Chuck Caputo, Pittsburg, PA


I have always been the weird kid. Who would have thought that the things I was shunned for as a teen would bring me so far today. I am a successful tattoo artist with an oddities art gallery in Boise, Idaho. I was so so exited to see this (the “One of Us” Kickstarter campaign art) come to life through true fans of the raddest love story of all time.  Never let the norms let such a great project fail. Keep your faith. And folks. WE WILL SEE THIS COMIC IN PRINT.  All great things take time. But back to why I am here:  Look how exited this project made me!  I HAND PAINTED A NEW SIGN (for my shop)!

Jay O’Leary. Boise, Idaho

Jay, thank you for your support and for your constant encouragement throughout the “One of Us” Kickstarter campaign!  And please send us a photo update when your banner is finished and posted in your shop! 

Regarding the film Freaks, anyone that I know who was fortunate enough to see it certainly never forgot it and the underlying message for me was one of compassion and acceptance not horror. Michael has a passion and love for this topic/movie Freaks as no other and his fantastic partner in this novel, Bill Nelson, is sincerely a genius with a pencil as the world has never known and never will see the likes again in my opinion. To have these two extraordinary individuals working together is just a wonderful event and I can not wait for my copy of this work of art that I plan to buy for my family and of course myself. Thanks so much for creating what I know will be a masterpiece in tribute to Freaks , another masterpiece. We are all very grateful!

D. Huss, NY, New York

David, now you have us all blushing. Thank you!

Saw this movie when I was 17 in High School and it blew me away. And knowing that it was directed by Tod Browning made me a fan.

Sal V., California USA


“Angie, Browning and Schlitze” by Stephen Jones, Vienna, Virginia, USA

Freaks” was the first movie to give me nightmares. And it continues to do so until this day. Still, I cannot wait to see the “One of Us” graphic novel! I hope to buy it for myself and for my public library!” 

Barbara E., Edison Township, New Jersey, USA


“My Schlitzie Doodle” by CK, Los Angeles, California, USA

schlitze calendar sketch

“A Typical Date Book Sketch” by Randy Z., Austin, Texas USA

Smiling Schlitze” by Paul Sterling

Paul writes, “”Freaks” has a wonderful message of family and love for me. Schlitzie’s unbridled love for performing and making people happy inspires me regularly. Freaks need not worry as there are plenty of us around.”

Paul, we couldn’t agree with you more! – The “One of Us” Team

I’m not sure how I discovered the movie “Freaks” honestly. I’ve always been fascinated with the human body and anatomy. What the movie showed me was just how diverse we really are. It opened my eyes to be more accepting of people no matter how different from our social norm they may be, and the uncomfortable feeling I used to get around “different” people was MY issue.

Kenny H., Los Angeles, California USA

M. DORMAN PANEL 1Making ‘Freaks’” by Dorman, CA, USA