Credits & Links

A shout-out to some special “Freaks” friends…

Bill Nelson / Nelson Studios

The exquisite work of internationally known artist and sculptor Bill Nelson take our breath away. Bill is recognized as THE master Lon Chaney illustrator. (Check out his book, “The Man of a Thousand Faces.”) His art strikes an intense balance between hyper-reality and caricature. We’re very excited to have him on the “One of Us” team.

Roger Corman

Who better than a living legend to write the introduction to a book about making “Freaks.” Roger’s place on the pantheon of pioneering filmmakers like Tod Browning, James Whale and Alfred Hitchcock is firmly secure. It’s a mind-blowing honor to have him involved in our upcoming project.

Ron and Margaret Borst

Ron and Margaret Borst
Hollywood Movie Posters
6727 1/2 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA, 90028


We appreciate their help, support and advice more than we can say.

Lynn “Doc” Hoskins / Mediatones

lhoskins @

A rock star web designer and social media promotions guru, Lynn creates eye candy for – and delivers breaking news straight from – classic rockers including Jeff Lynne and his ELO and Roy Wood to name but a few. Lynn has had this project’s back long before she ever got involved! Thanks, Doc! It’s GREAT having you aboard.

Gerry Kissell / Character Design

A comic artist whose style harkens back to the greats (think Dave Stevens of “The Rocketeer” comic series!), Gerry never fails to astound. Each and every character design we’ve seen from Gerry has left us speechless.

Jeff McCord / Media Consultant

Jeff is a human search engine. When we have questions, he has answers. Period!

Ken Greenwell / Green Dog Design

eldorado @

Our designer from Down Under. Ken beautifully restored the behind-the-scenes image that graces the top of each page on this website. We “ooh” and “aah” every time we look at it.

Michael “Dedman” Jones / Horror Society, The Calling Hours Horror Podcast

One of our most fervent supporters, “Dedman” is a life-long Horror fan who lives to write about and interview the cast and crews of the genre’s most under-rated and over-looked films. Make sure to check out his “ded” body of work on and in Living Dead Magazine – and hear the “Dedman” speak on The Calling Hours Horror Podcast on iTunes:

And discover more about The Deadman at:


“Preserving the Past… Promoting the Future,” SIDESHOW WORLD is the preeminent web site where Sideshow History comes to life. With Sideshow Photos, Sideshow News, Sideshow Links and bios about Sideshow Performers from around the world, this the place you want to go for a rich archive of information that’s hard to find – nonetheless find in ONE place.

We’ve been a fan of the site for years and are proud to list them among our very good friends,