15 Dec

MakingFreaks.com Launches


There will never be another “Freaks”. And, after all this time, we’re still not sure how there ever was one. Nevertheless, MakingFreaks.com will attempt to answer the question, “How did ‘Freaks’ get made?”

29 Nov

Final Shooting Script Found!

Making Freaks is very excited to have located a set of rare, original “Freaks” documents, including the final shooting script approved just days before filming commenced, several scripts for some 11th-hour re-shoots, various cutting and dialogue continuity scripts, and more! This treasure trove contains over 500 pages of rarely seen “Freaks” material!

23 Jul

New Graphic Novel Reimagines the Making of “Freaks”

“One of Us: The Making of Tod Browning’s ‘Freaks’ – Reimagined,” a graphic novel by award-winning writer Michael Kriegsman, envisions the making of “Freaks” and celebrates the differences in all of us. The project is in pre-production and Kriegsman is currently seeking funding.